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Surprise the Love Of Your Life With A Very Special Ring

You want your engagement to be special. Who doesn’t? This is the time when you’re going to tell the love of your life exactly how you feel about them. You’re about to tell someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. That’s a huge deal. You can’t just make that deal with any old engagement ring. The ring needs to be special. It needs to be unique. For a ring that will do the job, you should consider buying an antique cushion cut engagement ring for your bride to be. Antique cushion cut engagement rings bring images of past times, when people were married forever. There were no divorces, no pre-nups, no divorce lawyers and the wedding vows a couple exchanged were forever. When you present an antique cushion cut engagement ring to the love of your life, you’ll know immediately that you made the correct choice.

Finding A Ring

First you need to find a cushion cut solitaire engagement ring. The trick is finding one that’s an antique. You can try antique dealers and you can even try regular jewelers. Regular jewelers often know where to get hard to find items such as antique cushion cut engagement rings. They know that if they find them for you, you’ll become a repeat customer and everyone’s happy! There are many jewelers who specialize only in antique jewelry so you might want to try a few of them. If all else fails, you can always look online. However, be very careful when shopping for jewelry online.


When you look to buy an antique cushion cut engagement ring online, you run the risk of getting something that in no way resembles what you thought it was. When it comes to buying online, you usually respond to a picture and some words. The words describe in great detail what the ring looks like, the dimensions, maybe the year it was made, who wore it, etc. However, sometimes you may get a ring that you bought online and you find that angles were used to make the ring look better than it actually does. Angles and light may have been used to cover up imperfections. To prevent this, make sure you trust the seller and make sure there’s a guarantee or a return offer if you aren’t happy with the antique cushion cut engagement ring you receive.

Once you find the ring, that’s the hard part. The easy part is getting down on one knee and telling that woman that you’d like her to be your wife, for better or for worse, till death do you part. Forever.

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