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Pave Cushion Cut Engagement Ring: Sparkles and Glimmers A Lot

The pave cushion cut engagement ring is a type of engagement ring that is sure to provide a lot of glitter as well as will shimmer because of the special setting of its diamonds. The term pave is actually a shortened form of the word pavement and the reason why this term is used is because the diamonds are set in a very close cluster so as to make the diamonds give off the same effect as when light shines on a cobbled pavement.

Looks Expensive

Another feature of the pave cushion cut engagement ring is that such an engagement ring looks expensive because of the many rows of diamonds set close together. However, in point of fact, the pave cushion cut engagement ring need not prove to be too costly because most of the diamonds being used are simply diamond chips whose main purpose is to make the ring look more beautiful rather than add to the cost of the ring.

Essentially, a pave cushion cut engagement ring will be set through drilling of tiny holes into the shank of the ring into which the cushion cut diamonds are inserted. In fact, each of the different diamond chips being used will be of a similar size and will also have the same amount of luster. Once all the stones are inserted into their place, small amounts of metal are then molded over the edge of each different diamond chip to ensure that the diamond chips stay in place.

Also, the pave bands will include small sized prongs that hold the diamond chips in their place and the overall effect is to make the pave cushion cut engagement ring stand out and sparkle because the diamonds will be prominent while the metal will be mostly invisible.

You can choose from two different types of pave cushion cut engagement ring settings with one option being using a single band that has an entire row of sparkling diamonds; the other design is to use a wider band that has a number of rows of sparkling diamonds clustered together with each diamond chip being set at an angle to the other.

You need to also pay special attention to cushion cut engagement ring setting and in addition it will also be necessary to decide on whether to opt for handcrafted reproductions of original and antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings or to go for more modern settings. Of course, the antique engagement rings will have more unique setting and so will cost more as well.

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