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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Are Very Popular

If you’re looking for a special engagement ring for your bride to be, you might want to think about a cushion cut engagement ring. A cushion cut engagement ring, also called a candlelight diamond or pillow cut, has larger facets and a more rounded edge. It really sparkles under candlelight and it gives the entire ring a more antique look. These types of cushion cut diamond engagement rings are gaining in popularity and rightly so. When you slip a ring of this caliber on your fiancé’s finger, and you see how her eyes light up, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

Your Local Jeweler

You won’t have to look far to find a cushion cut engagement ring. Due to their popularity, you should be able to find one right at your local jewelers. You can either choose one out of the case or have one specially made or ordered. Ordering your cushion cut engagement ring is a little more expensive than getting it right from the case because of the transportation charges. Having on specially made will set you back even more but this is a great way to ensure that your cushion cut engagement ring is one of a kind. Simply go to your jeweler with your design in mind and have it specially made. Then, you should ask the jeweler to destroy the mold so that nobody else has an exact same copy of that ring. When you’re going to take the time to have a ring specially made, you want to make sure it’s one of a kind. This is what celebrities do all the time because they don’t want anyone copying their design when they take the time out to design their very own special ring.

There are many types of rings out there and you have many to choose from. However, if you want a ring that evokes a time gone by, a ring that really sparkles under candlelight as well as any other type of light, and one that really shows that you care as far as the design goes, then you definitely want to choose a cushion cut engagement ring. Now all you have to do is propose. When you get down on one knee and you slip that ring on your bride to be’s finger, she’ll likely gush over your choice as cushion cut rings are extremely beautiful as well as unique; two things you want in an engagement ring.

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